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Mojacar Pueblo 1997

The Mojacar Song written in the eighties by Arthur Cox
The poetry below by was all written by "Petter"
Defining Poetry   (... and not prosaic verses!)
The End of Sentience   (an Atheist's Farewell )
In Search of Truth   everywhere lies mystery
By What Divine Right?   'accountability'
If You Ask ....     ... if I'm a Christian.
My Marital Duty   is - to be chastised
Dangerously Habitual Life   each time a man's unwary . ..
February 14th   'compromise'
The Beauty of an Ugly Tree   'Misshapen'
The Mojacar of Yesteryear   a lost paradise
Major Tom   misfit from the past
Pool's Paradise   Memories of the MBar
Theism   Good men need not believe
A Tale About Nothing   Father's Pride
A Monday in March   Dedicated to our favourite "character".
A Field of Daffodils   Token apologies to William Wordsworth.
Shower : Shower   Token apologies to the work of William Blake.
Emancipation   or Woman's Manumission

Children's shoe sizes
Wind Chill Factor chart
Rose Soup A series of "layman's" financial articles
1) "Damping Bread"
2) "An Angle of Interest"
3) "An Onion of Corruption"
A Hundred Virgins   Paradise Gained.
Crossword A Cryptic Crossword to make you cross!
"Pit your warped mind against mine!"
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