This web page is for my "personal" site.
My Mojacar oriented web site is at
On it I used to publish pdf copies of my magazines for Mojácar.
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A tiny bit of my personal history.
After a slightly "unusual" (click to read it) life, I now live peacefully in Mojacar, Spain, but I grew up rather "wild" in Kenya, as did my mother.
My wife is also ex-Kenya. Her father, an accountant, worked for E.A.R.&H. from the mid fifties.
My grandmother had a dairy farm only two miles from Nairobi. Later she bought 600 acres of the original Blixen Estate at Karen.
She also created a large cattle ranch near Athi River and ran them both ... as a woman alone!
My father, Severin, went out to Kenya in the mid 30s. He took part in the gold rush at Kakamega.
Later he owned a water boring and diamond drilling company called Karlssons and Finne.
Read about my uncle, Ferdinand Finne
All the "Kenya" family is now either dead or scattered around the globe.
(New Zealand, Australia, Italy, France, UK and Spain)
Our two children live in the UK.
I worked for Otis (Lifts) in Nairobi and Kampala for very many years. I loved theatre and wrote many comic songs, probably my most famous being
. Mwangi Matatu . (Click)
An early song was
. Kenya Cowboy . (click)
I also had fun writing an accurate parody of
. The Karen Club Rules . (Click)
You can see part of my poetry, some serious, some just fun, by clicking here
Nairobi in the early 1900s. Nairobi, only a little over 100 years ago!
For more photos, click here
. It was nice of you to drop by. Cheers; Severin Didrik Petter Finne. ( it's pronounced as in "Peter Finney". )